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I met val at her surf school in Maui and signed up on her email list. Not thinking anything of it…getting that surf lesson and meeting val changed my life. After 6 months after leaving Maui I got an email about an all girls surf trip to Costa Rica, it couldnt of come at a Better time so I signed up and went on the trip. The surfing was amazing, I learned so much; about prepping my board, waves, my body,balance, and mental strength. Everything from the personal lessons to the genuine friendships that develop on these trips are priceless. 6 months after Costa Rica we all went to Oahu….my surfing had improved so much because I had been practicing in la, w val’s support in the water I was leading the pack on my second surf trip. That confidence in the water is so unbelievable. Surfing is a great sport and I am so glad I can call myself a surfer; thanks to Billabong girls surf trips.


Tedi Serge


I came across the flyer for billabong girls surf trip in Maui at my local surf shop.

It was perfect timing because I was just thinking about going on a surf trip by myself but was a little apprehensive to travel alone.

This was a perfect opportunity to travel to a third world country for my first surf trip with safety and security.

I had no idea that this would be the most amazing experience of my life!!

Not only did I experience the best surf/trip ever! But I met the most incredible people that

Changed my life and will be life long friends;)

To anyone seeking surfing, adventure, travel, security and life long friendships I definitely recommend billabong girls surf trips!!!

Lisa A Maiorino, MD


Every year for the past 5 years I take a surf camp trip.  When I started planning my 2012 trip I wanted a short plane ride from New York. So I was thinking somewhere in Central America. Then a very dear friend of mine posted a Billabong women’s surf trip to Bali on Facebook.  I was intrigued but thought “Wow, Bali is far!”  But the more I looked into everything that was included in the package – great house, chef cooking 2 meals a day, lessons, goody bag all for a great price and then thought “Why the hell not?”  It was by far one of the best decisions I ever made.  It was more than a trip it was great experience.  The women I met on the trip are awesome and I still keep in touch with them.  The organizers did an amazing job with setting up daily surfing with instructors, great side trips (including shopping 😉 ) they were very supporative in every way and they even brought along a professional photographer who took the sickest surfing pics!  Oh and the house was MTV crib style and the chef made delicious local food.  Very cool!  I highly recommend these trips to anyone who wants to have fun, relax and meet incredible people.  I should also mention that this trip is great for total beginners to experienced surfers.  All levels are accomodated.  It’s truly an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Annie Cavlov


Had an awesome trip to Bali with the billabong girls. Met some great people and surfed super fun waves!! Definitely going again!!



When I was searching on the internet for my next vacation spot, the Billabong Girls Surf trip to the North Shore was perfect! Being from Canada we don’t really have a lot of surf options other then heading to British Columbia, so this was something totally new!

Once all the girls got together it was nothing but fun, Val and Gloria made everything very relaxing and everyone felt right at home. We always ate well and the sleeping arrangements were ideal. The house was nice and close to the beach and a great area if you wanted to head out for a run in the morning.

The vibe on the North Shore is one you cannot compare anything to, if its from the people to the scenery its everything you can imagine and so much more! Everyday we slipped in a surf session with Val, who no matter what level you were she would make sure you got up on your board before the trip was over. Never did I feel like she was getting impatient or stressed while teaching, it was always encouraging vibes either from her or all of the other girls!!

While on this trip I never felt restricted, there was always enough freedom for us to go off and do our own thing and we always got to check out the popular dining spots. I think the best thing about this trip is that the positive energy from everyone really makes the whole experience of being in Hawaii that much more exciting. Once you visit Hawaii, you will understand why everyone is so stoked on it… I am already trying to plan my next visit back!!

I highly recommend everyone checkout one of the Surf Camps that Val and Gloria put on, it gives you a great opportunity to experience a new place with new people. The confidence you gain in surfing and all of the amazing friends that you make is something you will never forget… and not to mention all the gorgeous guys you will see !!


Big props to Val and Gloria for putting these camps on, I for sure have the Surf bug now more then ever <3 <3 <3

Natasha Watson



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